Jauharabad (جوہرآباد ) is a town situated in Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. It lies 4 km west of Khushab city - however Jauharabad rather than Khushab is the district capital. Jauharabad has the distinct feature of being in the group of those cities of Pakistan which were developed from scratch according to a master plan. It was developed in 1953. Population of Jauharabad is 73000 people approx.


This town is named after Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, an independence hero and a leader of Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

The town is combination of traditional plus modern ways of living where desert meets mountains. It is surrounded by the Jhelum River, Thal Desert and Sakeser Mountains, namely Soon Valley.

The 50-70 MWT Plutonium Khushab Reactor is situated near Jauharabad.

Kohinoor Sugar Mills, Sally Textile Mills, Pioneer Cement Mills are some prominent industrial set-ups at Jauharabad. Coal mines are also found in District Khushab.

February 23, 2011


Some excellent educational facilities/schools such as Dar ul Islam Trust Institute, Government College, Government JOHAR MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Government Technical Model High School, Dar-e-Arqam School, Fauji Foundation, District Public School, and the Educators have branches in this city.Rashid Minhas Public High School is one of the major institutes providing quality education to the citizens. Hi-Aims College of Commerce is doing tremendous work. It was the first college in the city to provide Commerce level at Bachelors level. Sargodha Polytechnic Institute is also doing excellent working in technical field.It is the only private college in the city whichis providing quality education. It has 17 first positions and 2 gold medals in Punjab Board of Technical Education. There is also a main library named Sarwar Shahid Library in the city.

Jauharabad and District Khushab are strategically very vital for Pakistan. At the east PAF Sargodha at 45 km distance is located in west Atomic energy plant about 20 km from Jauharbad; in north of Jauharabad is PAF base Sakesar. About 80 km in west, Chashma hydro power plant is located along with that Mianwali PAF base at about 75 km distance. University of Education Jauharabad Campus is the first specialized university campus in the field of Education in Jauharabad.

Politics of the Region
The Tiwana family has dominated politics in Khushab, mainly because they are scattered over most of the plains of the district while other tribes are more concentrated in the valleys and the mountains. In the Soon Valley politics centred Pir Nowbahar Shah of Pail-Piran during his life time.Hos other contemporaries were Malik Shahnawaz of Khabaki and Malik Hayyat of Jabba.
The leader of Tiwana party, Malik Khuda Buksh Tiwana, was Chairman of Sargodha district before Khushab became a district. He then served as the first Chairman of Khushab. Later he became Provincial minister and was also elected as MNA. His younger brothers Malik Ghulam Mohammad Tiwana, Malik Ehsan Ullah Tiwana and Malik Saif Ullah Tiwana also are famous political figures.
Malik Ghulam Mohammad Tiwana is Zila Nazim of Khushab and has served Khushab as member, National Assembly and member, Provincial Assembly defeating Shakir Bashir Awan and Shuja Khan (candidate from PML-Q).
Malik Ghulam Rasool Sangha is the Thesil Nazim of Thesil Khushan. He belongs to the Awan family from Daiwal. He was elected Tehsil Nazim by defeating Haroon Bandial and Malik Mukhtar.
Malik Ehsan Ullah Tiwana was the first Zila Nazim of Khushab and is now the President of the Pakistan Muslim League in there. Saif Tiwana is the serving MNA.
The Tiwana party is widely known as the Awami group and have a very strong allegiance in the whole district unlike other political groups, whose popularity is confined to certain specific areas like Awans in Padhrar and the Maliks in Soon valley.
Malik Karam Bakhsh Awan of Padhrar was the famous person of the area. He founded Tanzeem-ul-Awan for the betterment of Awans. He provided his own land for the establishment of Government College Naushera.
Malik Naeem Khan was another important personality and an influential politician. He worked very hard for the development of Soon Valley.
Other famous people of the Khushab district include the sitting federal minister Sumaira Malik, Brigadier Muhammad Nazar Tiwana followed by his younger cousin brother Brigadier Muhammad Azam Tiwana and Major Ahmed Khan Tiwana (Shaheed - Kargil 1999), Tamgha-e-Basalat.
Malik Muhammad Waris Kalu is also a very important figure of the area he belongs to the desert area and very popular among the poor masses. He always love to do work for the people in Thal Desert. Malik Saleh Muhammad Gunjial MPA.(Ex Minister of Punjab).
One of the famous young political personalty is Malik Tahir Raza Baghoor , he is emerging leader of baghoor family in Tehsil Noor Poor Thal , this young person inherted politics from his family , in recent local body election , this young person lost his tehsil nazim election on toss .

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