Jauharabad (جوہرآباد ) is a town situated in Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan. It lies 4 km west of Khushab city - however Jauharabad rather than Khushab is the district capital. Jauharabad has the distinct feature of being in the group of those cities of Pakistan which were developed from scratch according to a master plan. It was developed in 1953. Population of Jauharabad is 73000 people approx.


This town is named after Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar, an independence hero and a leader of Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

The town is combination of traditional plus modern ways of living where desert meets mountains. It is surrounded by the Jhelum River, Thal Desert and Sakeser Mountains, namely Soon Valley.

The 50-70 MWT Plutonium Khushab Reactor is situated near Jauharabad.

Kohinoor Sugar Mills, Sally Textile Mills, Pioneer Cement Mills are some prominent industrial set-ups at Jauharabad. Coal mines are also found in District Khushab.

May 07, 2018

سمیراملک ضلع کونسل کے عہدہ سے فارغ

سمیراملک ضلع کونسل کے عہدہ سے فارغ ، سپریم کورٹ ضلع کونسل خوشاب کا دوبارہ الیکشن کا حکم دے دیا

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